What is Site Analysis?

In the beginning stages site analysis usually includes Due Diligence reading a certain piece of real estate, or more specifically, a specific use on a certain piece of real estate. To be done properly, Due Diligence is a process that includes studies of various sorts that cross-over into Design Development, Permitting, and Operations phases of any project in Mexico. SiteMX provides the technical due diligence services you need to get your project from Pro-forma to Execution quickly.

Various studies will be needed and subsequently requested by both your design team and government authorities. Examples of such studies include environmental impact reports, soils studies, feasibility of utility providers, and traffic studies.

Site Analysis also includes a comprehensive inventory of every permit you will need before, during, and after your project. The timing of these permits, both in relation to your overall project schedule and in relation to one another, will be critical to your planning, both in terms of scheduling and cash flow. And of course actually obtaining permits sometimes more closely resembles artistry than a defined process. We do that too.

In Mexico, exceptional Site Analysis includes an honest and accurate assessment of the political and business climate in which you are contemplating your project. Some governments are in favor of growth, and some are not. Sometimes the government is pro-growth but the community is not. Conditions like these are difficult to measure and require the type of human intelligence and local knowledge that SiteMX provides.

Note on pulling permits: Every permit is different, as is every process. Federal agencies such as CFE, SEMARNAT, and CNA have established codified processes that define what you must submit and how. State and municipal governments, depending on the state or city, can be highly regimented, or not at all. It pays to know what you're dealing with before you begin.