Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FEPA)

Abiding by the FCPA

Established in 1977, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (commonly referred to by its acronym, the FCPA) is a United States Federal Law that regulates the operation of US companies, and US-funded companies, in an effort to prevent corruption that would allow one company to have an advantage over another internationally, either in direct bribes or in anything ďof value.Ē

A United States retail giant made headlines in April of 2012 when allegations of widespread and systemic bribery were leveled at the company in the permitting and entitlement of the nearly 400 stores that it was opening every year in Mexico. Thatís more than 1 store per day.

Since then, the FCPA now forms part of the business lexicon for operating in Mexico, and any other country.

If you are a US company, or a US-funded company, you are required to abide by the FCPA. That means not only not offering a quid pro quo for obtaining permits or receiving approvals, but also proactively maintaining a records system that enables you to prove that have not engaged in such activity.

SiteMX is the ONLY DUE DILIGENCE COMPANY IN MEXICO that has been screened by FCPA compliance experts and deemed to be in full compliance with FCPA regulations.

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