Frequently asked questions

We’re already working with a law firm that is handling these things for us. Why should we consider talking with you?

Chances are your selected law firm is going to sub-contract a firm like ours anyway. We don’t want to get in the way of that relationship, but we do want to help you be successful in Mexico. We are experts in what we do and have worked with the best law firms in the world. Pick up the phone and tell your attorneys you want SiteMX on the job.

What are your fees?

If you have a well defined scope, we can provide you a quote for our services broken out by the disciplinary areas in consideration. If you lack a defined scope and just need a hand for a while, we can charge you by the hour. We bill our travel and expenses separately.

Everyone in Mexico says "trust me." Why should we trust you?

You shouldn’t. Do you trust people you’ve never met? Of course not. We stand on our relationships and our reputation. We have references and a verifiable history of successful work. Get to know us and check us out. Once you trust us, put us to work making your project successful.